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Artmeet Manifesto – Make Designers Better Through Technology

Hi designers! Thanks for reading this article, my name is Kelvin Tai, the CEO & Co-founder of Artmeet. Today, I am going to share with you the Artmeet Manifesto.

Story of creating Artmeet

I started my entrepreneurship journey in college. I built my first startup –, an online e-Commerce printing mall in early 2017. The printing industry is highly compatible with creative design, and this made me grab chances to talk with many creative designers.

I heard many designers have the similar problems, and these are the most common ones:

  1. “My client disrespects me and always tries to cheap labor my work”
  2. “I paid a high cost to get my Bachelor’s degree, but I am underpaid”
  3. “It is quite challenging to be a creative designer”

I felt sad to hear about the creative designers’ problems & challenges. I promise I will create something to solve it in one day. I jumped at this opportunity as COVID-19 ravaged the world in the end of 2020. Also, SenangPrint is forced to temporarily close down due to the Malaysian government’s lockdown.

Therefore, I quickly gather my team to develop Artmeet’s website. At the same time, I started a Facebook group named Graphic Design Internship Malaysia to validate my idea. 3 months later, we officially launched Artmeet in 1st March 2021. And our journey to make creative designers better through technology is now started…

Who We Created Artmeet For?

We created Artmeet for passionate creative designers like you for the following missions:

  1. Find job easily
  2. Make more money
  3. Find & connect with the other like-minded creative designers
  4. Improve your creativity & skills from the global inspiration

Our Vision:

To Make Creative Designers Better Through Technology

What do we create for creative designers?

We knew that many creative designers hope to make more money and increase their work efficiency. Therefore we have created the following features to help you:

1. Creative Job Portal

We found that most of the traditional job portals are not focused on creative design jobs. When you search the creative jobs, it is either fewer results or the job portals displayed the non-related jobs.

The main reason is that most job portals will only display the job advertisements when the employers or the hiring managers pay them.

With Artmeet, employers or hiring managers are free to create job advertisements. We do not and never plan to make money through job advertisements. Conversely, we put a lot of effort to help creative designers aggregate the relevant jobs.

2. Portfolio Management Platform

We knew that a portfolio is important for creative designers. It helps you to showcase your works & experiences to future clients or employers.

However, building your own portfolio website is time-consuming. You need to register your domain, buy a hosting plan, and build your website from scratch. We believe your time is valuable and should focus on your creativity. Therefore, we help you to handle the technical tasks, so that you can upload an unlimited portfolio without hassle.

Also, employers and freelance buyers can easily view your portfolio by clicking a button. It helps you to increase your exposure and get more opportunities.

3. Freelance Marketplace

We knew that many creative designers do not only have a full-time job. Some of you might also provide freelance design services. However, most freelance marketplace platform charges a high commission. It’s definitely reducing your profit.

Therefore, we have created a freelance marketplace to solve this problem. Currently, we are not charging a commission, because we hope you can grow your business together with us. The freelance marketplace is only available for Malaysia’s market for the time being. However, we promise that we are going to launch the freelance marketplace in Singapore as soon as possible.

4. Contest

We understood that creative designers like to participate in design contests. This can help you to improve your skills, portfolio credibility, and get inspiration from other designers. Therefore, we have created a contest platform that allows organizations to host design contests easily. However, this feature is also only available in Malaysia for the time being.

5. Creative Social Media (Coming Soon)

We are going to create a social media for creative designers to showcase artwork and find like-minded designers to get inspiration.

Good video makers can gain followers through Youtube and make big money, and we believe creative designers deserve to get a similar platform, but mainly focus on artwork!

How Can You Grow Your Careers With Artmeet?

If you feel excited about what we are doing and you hope to grow together with us, why not join us?

The benefits:

  1. Upload an unlimited portfolio
  2. Find job easily
  3. Find and meet other like-minded creative designers
  4. Get updates from us about the progression of making designers better through technology
  5. Get notified when we launch the Freelance Marketplace in Singapore
  6. Get notified when we launch the Contest Platform in Singapore

How To Join Artmeet

You can the button below to visit our signup page. There are two options to signup, either to use Google Login or Manually signup via email

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