Set up in 2003, The flagship gallery in the Tan Boon Liat Building comprises of more than 3000 works of art, vases and sculptures. LivingwithArt’s current portfolio houses local artists in Singapore’s art and photography scene such as Tan Tui Gee, Jaime Teo, Samantha Redfern, and Linda Preece. The sheer volume and variety on offer make for a fantastic choice for homeowners, with no limitations in terms of style, design, or size. So how does LivingwithArt supply such a variety? “I work alongside 15 talented full-time consultants, designers and artists to create unique pieces to suit different spaces. We incorporate Feng shui elements, frame customers’ art and do not inflate prices to boost the artist’s ego.”

Besides that, a new fine art wing, Gallery 1819 Singapore, was added to offer investment into emerging Asian artworks, featuring Senior Artist Thomas Yeo, Niu Zhi Ye, Nancy Lang and Aaron Gan.

Artists are selected from around the world, with a particular emphasis on supporting local artists. Walk around the Tan Boon Liat space, and you will see colorful Murano glasswork alongside local artist’s textural pieces, large traditional canvases, triptychs, bronze sculptures and much more. Pieces can be customized in terms of colour, theme, size, style and medium, giving the customer greater flexibility. “We particularly love bright and cheery colours and interesting sculptures, which make great conversational pieces.”

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